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My Best Friend - Velisha
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“Velisha” is a spirited and talented Gospel artist with a passion to bless others with her love for God and the gifts he has given her to sing and worship him. Velisha Hambrick was born in Chattanooga, TN and continues to reside there. As a toddler, she would sing her mother’s name when she wanted out of her crib. This was the first sign that she was blessed with a singing talent. Her mother always encouraged her and was her biggest fan. Velisha misses her mother dearly since her passing in 2005 and hopes that her mother is still smiling down on her as this is where she gets her inspiration. Velisha performed in the Musical “Black Nativity” which provided a larger platform to showcase her talent. She also wrote the single “It’s Time To Change” back in 2000 in dedication of a fallen officer during the line of duty. The single was sold in the local police precinct and the money was donated to the officer’s foundation. Her newest single, “My Best Friend’ has just been released and is available on multiple platforms, to include a download is available here on